Where are they now – Tom Zeven (SPC 1979-81)

September 10, 2018

The College recently reconnected with Tom Zeven (SPC 1979-81, PY1982) who recently visited St Patrick’s College for the first time in 35 years.

Tom could not believe how quickly time flies and -how large and more accommodating the school has become-.

Tom was quite honest in describing that his school years were not the most enjoyable, however some of his highlights included being selected in Year 11 as one of the school’s captains for the swimming carnival.

Tom also fondly recalled riding in a Black Hawk helicopter as a cadet during a camp to Puckapunyal and shooting a perfect score of 20/20 using ArmaLite M16 .223 cal assault rifle.

As a student of St Patrick’s, Tom also remembers -a mateship, a sense of identity and belonging instilled within us at St Patrick’s College which continued well into our adulthood-.

After leaving St Patrick’s, Tom wrote a book entitled -So Shall It Be- under the alias Ajax Magnum.

The book, which Tom wrote over the space of 25 years, aims to inspire and support those who wish to use their faith in building a better world and to -think bigger than themselves-.

In passing on a message to the students today, Tom says -enjoy your youth, friends and time at SPC as you prepare to become young Christian men -“ stand tall and don’t walk in other people’s shadows. Never forget to be grateful, compassionate and humble in life because relationships, morals and manners matter-.