Year 12 students build St Patrick’s College in Minecraft

December 23, 2019

Written by Head of Computing Faculty Mr Ian Fernee

The connection to 1431 Sturt Street is something that Old Boy’s of St Patrick’s College hold very dear.

Whilst the community makes up the experiences of secondary school life, the location frames the experiences that students come away with.

Since May 2019, several Senior School boys led by Oscar Wilson and including Hugo Ferguson, Matthew Duffy, Bobby Glanford, Damian Van Gaans, Jack Baldo, Jake Chapman, Max Mitchell, Ryan Lazzo and Jett Currie have embarked on building the school in Minecraft form.

The boys have collectively spent over 250 hours on the project and have painstakingly used various references such as floor plans, photographs and physical measurements to create a realistic representation of the College.

Minecraft was selected by the students as the software tool due to its simplistic mechanics, its ability to easily make decisions and its large array of block and texture choices.

The boys are rightfully very proud of their virtual Minecraft school world and in the process of imagining and crafting this reality, they have collaboratively created a project that they can share with the community.

We look forward to sharing in the future a virtual walk through of the boys’ incredible project but, for the time being, we are excited to share the following images.