Year 7 Camp Reflection – Isaac Postlethwaite Yr 12

March 6, 2019

My experience on Year 7 camp by guest reporter Isaac Postlethwaite -“ Year 12

I arrived with Mr Chamings at the Log Cabin camp in Creswick on the first day of the Year 7 camp where I spent the next few days assisting with the camp. I participated in some of the activities with the Year 7 students such as basketball, Frisbee golf and archery. In the afternoon, we had some of the students from the Student Council come to teach the Year 7 students the War Cry and the College song. The War Cry with the Year 7’s is to teach the students the cry and get them involved in Boat Race.- I met some of the Year 7 students around the camp and I saw them getting to know each other.

On the second day I went out all day with the Year 7’s and helped the students interact and get to know – each other better. I helped out with some of the activities such as the Zip Line, Giant Swing, Leap of Faith and trampolines.- The food on the Year 7 camp was good: I had wraps for lunch, and for dinner I had baked potatoes with coleslaw. The duty groups were run by the cabin groups.

On the third day I had an opportunity to go raft building with the Year 7’s. I helped to supervise the students around the dam, and then we packed up our raft building pieces.- I thought the raft that the group built was great. Later, we went into the Barn to play some games and we fed some animals. It was a great camp and I felt like going back to Year 7 again!