Year 7 students receive new laptops

February 4, 2020

There was plenty of excitement among our new Year 7 students this week as the boys received their new laptop devices.

Emblazoned with St Patrick’s College colours, each device will last the new Year 7 boys for three years.

In 2020 the College is merging its Senior and Junior Digital Learning Device programs (also known as the ‘1 to 1 Program’).

Previously the Senior students (10-12) had used windows-based laptops while the Junior students had used iPads.

To achieve several digital learning outcomes, such as minimising changes to the learning environment for students beginning Year 10, it was decided to standardise on Windows-based laptops across the College.

The College runs a managed device laptop program with a prescribed device.

Considerable time is spent selecting a suitable device that meets the learning needs of the student over three years, while also remaining affordable for all our families.

Significant investment is also made configuring the laptops with software that ensures safety of our students and minimises distractions. All students are expected to have the prescribed device and bring it to school every day.

Students will start the program in Year 7 with a new device that lasts through to the end of Year 9. They will then receive a new device at the start of Year 10 that will last the next three years until the student finishes Year 12.