St Patrick’s has strong learning and academic traditions where each boy is encouraged to take responsibility for his own learning in an environment that values knowledge, excellence and scholarship. The College strives for the development of the whole person, integrating spiritual development, academic success, cultural awareness and sporting participation in the context of the Catholic tradition.

The St Patrick’s community is an inclusive one which seeks to provide all boys with opportunities to achieve personal excellence in a broad range of curricular and co-curricular areas. This extended family of students, teachers, parents and Old Collegians throughout the country, forms a community that is wholeheartedly committed to the Christian education of young men.

This is reflected in the vision, mission and values of the College which form the foundations for the education provided to boys at the College.


Our Vision
St Patrick’s College: Excellence in education for all boys in a nurturing Catholic community in the spirit of Edmund Rice.

Our Mission
Raising fine boys to the status of great men.

Our Catholic Faith
We provide hope by making Jesus present, through proclaiming, sharing and celebrating our Catholic faith. We express our faith through our service of others.

In the Spirit of Edmund Rice
We welcome all boys who wish to honour our tradition, commit themselves to our values and contribute to our story.

We develop young men who will serve the College and shape society with compassion and justice.

Teaching and Learning
We provide a holistic and engaging education that is accessible to all boys.

We provide curriculum that is challenging and relevant to the needs of each learner using appropriate technology and engaging methodologies informed by good pedagogy.

We foster a personal responsibility for learning as a lifetime’s work.

We have committed and highly skilled staff who will be professionally skilled, rewarded and publicly acknowledged.

We provide excellent resources and facilities which enhance learning and teaching.

We recognise, respect and build on our St Patrick’s tradition of excellence for boys in a joyful celebration of emerging manhood.

Pastoral Care
We value and nurture the uniqueness of each individual within our community.

We provide a school environment where all feel safe and happy.

We recognise the family as the primary educators of our students and collaborate with parents for the development of their sons.

We communicate effectively with all members of our community of students, staff, families, clergy and Old Collegians and the wider society.

Our vision and mission are underpinned by our community’s commitment to bear witness to the following shared values as modelled by Jesus Christ and Edmund Rice:

  • Justice
  • Commitment & Endeavour
  • Respect
  • Honouring Diversity
  • Responsibility
  • Compassion
  • Honesty

Central to the mission of St Patrick’s College is the promotion of excellence in learning as an essential means of facilitating human growth and liberation, the recognition of families as partners in the education process and a deeply rooted, holistic Catholic education to enable all boys to experience fullness of life.

Statement of St Patrick’s College’s Philosophy

  1. We are committed to living in the Trinitarian revelation of love that is the origin and end of creation, self-giving, unconditional, transformational, communicative, ecclesial and the source of eternal life
  2. We are committed to offering our students the best education possible grounded in a vision of the human person whose origin, potential and end are found in love.
  3. We are committed to offering the best academic environment possible.  To do this, we support each student’s learning and ensure that each student can learn in an environment sustained in service and justice.
  4. We are committed to recognise the dignity of every student, responding to their spiritual, emotional and pastoral needs.  To do this, we have a pastoral care framework that provides support such as counselling services and education on resilience and mental health.
  5. We are committed to offer opportunities for transformative and personal growth across many areas of engagement.  To do this, we accommodate each student’s interests, allowing them to balance curricular and extracurricular activities, and encourage them to pursue their interests.
  6. We are committed to fostering the gifts of leadership granted to all students.  To achieve this, we have programs and activities which encourage each student to lead among their peers.
  7. We are committed to allowing each student to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  To do this, we provide education on a healthy lifestyle, and encourage sporting and other recreational activities.