Frequently Asked Questions about SPC Sport

St Patrick’s College is recognised as one of the leading sporting schools in Australia.

While proud of this record the College acknowledges that this is the outcome of sound coaching and development programmes that encourage, recognise and reward participation and fair play.

Opportunities for participation and development are afforded to all students. In adhering to best practice coaching processes all students will have the opportunity to achieve their personal best, whether it is being drafted by an AFL club or mastering a handstand dismount in gymnastics!

St Patrick’s College offers an extensive sporting program to encourage boys to adopt healthy living principles and as a way of engaging students in the life of the College.

The College promotes participation and celebrates excellence. The College has been the educational home for more than 110 AFL players, including Brownlow medallists John James and Brian Gleeson, as well as Olympic representatives such as Steve Moneghetti, Christian Ryan, James Marburg and Anthony Edwards. The College offers opportunities for boys to participate in sports as diverse as lawn bowls, rowing and golf and is a member of the Ballarat Association of Schools (BAS), whilst also participating in a wide range of competitions sanctioned by state and national sporting bodies.

Opportunities abound and are all supported by highly credentialled and committed coaches to ensure boys and their teams have fun while achieving their full potential. Our focus is foremost upon enjoyment and participation – we believe that if we ensure educational processes are adhered to, the scoreboard will look after itself.

Sport Uniform
All students should be aware that the standard sports uniform will consist of navy blue polo top and navy blue shorts and white SPC socks available from the College Shop. House coloured shirts are not to be worn for after school sports activities. The Rugby top, tracksuit and wet weather jacket are available for cooler weather. In essence all teams in any sport except for the Senior team will be required to wear the standard sports uniform. Where possible in accordance with the traditions and requirements of the sport the Senior sports teams will be fitted with the appropriate sports apparel for their sport. For example, the First XVIII Jumper.

Please see below, a list of all sports on offer here at St Patrick’s College.

2020 SPC After School Sport
Junior Baseball Wed
Intermediate Tennis Tue
Senior Tennis (1st’s & 2nd’s) Fri
Senior Volleyball Wed
1st XI Cricket Fri
2nd XI Cricket SPC Thur
Junior Cricket (Yr 7) Dual pitch Tues
Junior Cricket (Yr 7) Dual pitch Tues
Junior Cricket (Yr 8) Dual pitch Wed
Junior Cricket (Yr 8) Dual pitch Wed
SPC House Soccer Wed W3-6
Lawn Bowls Mon
Rowing Varies
Swimming Squad/BAS Swimming Weds W2 Tues W3-7
Senior Golf (BAS Championships, AGSV day) Varies
1st XVIII Football Wed
1st XVIII Football (Team Manager) Wed
1st XVIII Football (Trainer/Physio) Wed
2nd XVIII Football SPC Blue Tue
2nd XVIII Football SPC Green Tue
Intermediate Football SPC White (Yr 10) Play in the 2nd XVIII comp Tue
Intermediate Football – SPC  Blue (Yr 9/10) Tue
Intermediate Football – SPC Green (Yr 9/10) Tue
Junior Football  – SPC Blue (Keniry Yr 7-8) Wed
Junior Football – SPC Green (Galvin Yr 7-8) Wed
Junior Football  – SPC White (Ryan Yr 7-8) Wed
Junior Football  – SPC Gold (Nunan Yr 7-8) Wed
Junior Football Yr 7 House Football Fri
Intermediate Soccer Green Yr 9 Wed
Junior Hockey Yr 7,8,9 Thur
Badminton A, B, C, D Grade Tue
BAS Athletics Varies
Cross Country (Road Relays, Cross Country, Lap of the Lake Thur x 3
1st XI Hockey Thur
First V Basketball SPC Thur
Senior Basketball Blue Thur
Senior Basketball Green Thur
Intermediate Basketball (Yr 10) SPC Blue Wed
Intermediate Basketball (Yr 10) SPC Green Wed
Intermediate Basketball (Yr 9) SPC White Wed
Intermediate Basketball (Yr 9) SPC Gold Wed
Junior Basketball SPC Blue (Yr 8) Tue
Junior Basketball SPC Green(Yr 8) Tue
Junior Basketball SPC (Yr 8) Tue
Junior Basketball SPC Green (Yr 7) Tue
Junior Basketball SPC Blue (Yr 7) Tue
Junior Basketball SPC (Yr 7) Tue
Table Tennis Tue
Squash/Racquetball Thur
Rowing Varies
Shooting Varies
1st XI Soccer Wed
2nd XI Soccer Blue Wed
Junior Soccer  – SPC Blue Yr 8 Thur
Junior Soccer –  SPC White Yr 7 Thur
Junior Soccer –  SPC Green Yr 7/8 Thur
Junior Cricket Dev Squad Tue
Mountain Bike Riding Tue
Junior Golf (Driving Range) Wed
Croquet Wed
Junior Volleyball Wed
2nd XI Cricket SPC Thu
Junior Tennis SPC Blue (A Gr) & White (B Gr) (Yr 8) Thu
Junior Tennis SPC Green (A Gr) & Gold (B Gr) (Yr 7) Thu
Ultimate Frisbee Thu
1st XI Cricket Fri
Cycling Varies
Rowing Varies
Swimming Squad Varies