Boarding Bulletin Board

November 12, 2021

News around the Boarding Precinct

  • We extend further congratulations to our remaining Year 12 cohort who wrap up their exams early next week. This group of young men have shown exceptional resilience and strength throughout a difficult period of time, in and out of lockdowns, remote learning and uncertainty, and no matter the results, we are extremely proud of what they have achieved.


  • Recently we were able to celebrate the achievements of our Year 12 cohort with a small but entertaining dinner, hosted in our Boarders Dining Room and attended by Boarding and Senior School Staff. It was a wonderful occasion that enabled us to share a meal, share stories and enjoy memories from their time as Boarders. We wish all the Year 12 Boarders well in their future endeavours, whatever they may be.


  • We wish the Year 11 cohort good luck, as they continue to work through their exams. The excitement continues for this group as they also look forward to their Year 12, Head start week, beginning next week.


  • Unfortunately, due to the only recent lifting of travel restrictions, we are unable to host a Boarding Orientation Weekend which allows new Boarders the opportunity to spend a few days with us, before joining the College the following year. In lieu of this, an Orientation opportunity will be provided at the start of next year for all our new Boarding Students.


  • As we continue to look to 2022, discussions will be had with our current Year 10 Boarding students around the Year 11 Boarding Prefect Program. This program gives Boarding Students the opportunity to develop leadership skills, represent the St Patrick’s College Boarding Community at varying events and be a representative of fellow Boarding Students. It is a wonderful opportunity and one that we hope the students consider seriously.

Upcoming Dates

– Monday, November 15 – Tuesday, November 23 – Year 12 2022 ‘Headstart’

– Tuesday, November 23 – Year 11 Final Day

– Wednesday, November 24 – Year 10 exams begin

– Monday, November 29 – Year 7-9 exams begin

– Friday, December 3 – Final day for Year 7-10 (3.25pm finish)