Enrolment process

Enrolments at St Patrick’s College, Year 7 2025

We are delighted that you are considering St Patrick’s College for your son. Enrolments for 2025 are now open.

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Entry Year 8-12

Application for enrolment into Years 8 – 12 can be lodged at any time during the College year.  Enrolment forms should be accompanied by a copy of the student’s most recent school report, evidence of sacraments undertaken and details of a senior contact person at the student’s current school.

Interviews for Years 8 to 12 will be conducted by the Deputy Principal. Parents will be notified of the status of the enrolment application within one week of the interview.

Categories of Enrolment 

The College welcomes all applications for enrolment.  It needs to be noted that even though all criteria for enrolment may be met, that there may be more applicants than places available in a particular year.  Inevitably there will be applicants to whom the College will be unable to offer a place.  Please note that not all applicants will receive an interview and not all families interviewed will necessarily receive an offer of enrolment at the College.

All enrolments remain at the Principal’s discretion.

Preference for enrolment is at the discretion of the College, however will generally be given to students in the following order:

  1. Catholics from Catholic schools within the Diocese of Ballarat who have completed all sacraments of initiation continuing in the practice of their faith;
  2. Brothers of current or past students and sons of Old Collegians to the College;
  3. Catholic students who have completed all sacraments of initiation from outside the Diocese of Ballarat or other schools where there is no closer Catholic school to their place of residence;
  4. Baptised Catholic students from outside the Diocese of Ballarat or other schools where there is no closer Catholic school to their place of residence;
  5. Non-Catholic students from Catholic schools;
  6. Baptised Catholic students from any other schools, regardless of whether they have completed their sacraments of initiation;
  7. Non-Catholic students from other schools within the Diocese of Ballarat;
  8. Non-Catholic students from other schools outside the Diocese of Ballarat.

Full disclosure of current or previous matters which may impact on the applicant’s ability to engage fully and safely in the life of the College, or in the College being able to safely provide education to the student, will be sought.  This will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Identified disabilities, as described in the NCCD categories of disability, or related concerns.
  • Special learning needs.
  • Behavioural issues.
  • History of substance abuse and/or addiction.
  • Distinct behavioural addiction (e.g. gaming).
  • Other family concerns that may impact upon the student’s engagement in the College.

Incomplete or misleading statements made in the enrolment process will result in a review of any accepted enrolment and may lead to the termination of enrolment with the College.

The Principal has the right to accept or refuse any applicant whether the applicant is eligible under this policy without giving reason for the decision.

The College’s full enrolment policy can be found here.

Policy Statement

In supporting parents/guardians as the primary educators of their sons, the College provides enrolment opportunities to families who are prepared to commit themselves and their son to respecting the Catholic ethos of the College and its Foundational Statements.  The College is committed to:

  • The full richness of the Gospel.
  • The education of boys, holding their learning and growth at the heart of all that we do.
  • An invitation to all to share in the nourishment of joyous, hope-filled and life-long friendships that shape our living College community.
  • Assistance for students to achieve their potential academically, culturally, physically, socially and spiritually.
  • Creating an inclusive community that extends to all a strong sense of belonging.
  • Meeting and celebrating the diversity of boys.
  • Boys’ attendance and engagement in its liturgies, celebrations and significant events.

Based on advice and collected information, the Principal must be satisfied that the applicant and his family are ready to accept and embrace these commitments.  All enrolments remain at the Principal’s discretion.

In accordance with these commitments, the College through its Principal and staff welcomes young men and their family into the College as students and members of the College community.