Careers Development

“Career development is the process of managing learning, work, leisure, and transitions throughout life to meet our personal aspirations and goals.”

St Patrick’s College provides students in Junior, Middle and Senior School with career development opportunities.

These services equip students with knowledge, skills and capabilities to become self-reliant career managers whom are able to make the best possible educational, training and occupational choices and manage their life, learning and work in rapidly changing labour markets.

Programs and support services can include:

  • careers counselling advice through personal interviews and group discussions
  • careers information – printed and electronic resources
  • career testing tools – e.g. Morrisby Profile, Career Voyage
  • career action plans – refer the careers curriculum framework
  • career education
  • work experience
  • telephone advice and online help

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Careers Education

 “Career education is the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes through a planned program of learning experiences in education and training settings to assist students to make informed decisions about their study and/or work options and enable effective participation in working life.”


St Patrick’s College uses the careers curriculum framework to help develop quality career education. There are six steps in a young person’s acquisition of skills for career transition. These form the structure of the framework. Goals at each step are organised into three stages:

  • Self-development: young people understand themselves, build their experiences and achievements and develop their capabilities.
  • Career exploration: young people locate, investigate and consider opportunities in learning and future work options.
  • Career management: young people make and adjust career action plans and manage their life choices, changes and transitions.

Career Action Plans

​A career action plan is a dynamic planning document owned and managed by young people intended to reflect their increased career development learning.

The plan helps young people:

  • set their goals
  • clarify the actions needed to achieve these goals
  • commit to participating in the planned activities.

St Patrick’s College utilises the Victorian Education & Training templates:

Year 7 – I discover

Year 8 – I explore

Year 9 – I focus

Year 10 – I plan

Year 11 – I decide

Year 12 – I apply

Work Placement Forms

Work Experience Arrangement Form 

Work Experience Travel Form

Structured Workplace Learning Form

Structured Workplace Learning Travel Form

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