Why Choose VCAL?

If you are a hands-on learner whose individual pathway is leading you towards employment, TAFE or apprenticeship/traineeship, you may choose to express interest in completing your VCAL at St Patrick’s College.
VCAL students will focus intensively on vocational studies, typically including Literacy, Numeracy, Personal Development and Work Related Skills. In addition, the typical VCAL student will undertake a VET certificate or School Based Apprenticeship, satisfying the Industry Specific Skills Strand of the VCAL.

Each student has their own learning needs and preferences. VCAL at St Patrick’s College focuses on the aspirations of each individual to prepare them for a pathway into an apprenticeship, traineeship, employment or TAFE training.

After more than 20 years employers are now familiar with VCAL certification.

Commencing in Year 10, a student would typically begin his VCAL in Foundation, moving through the Intermediate Certificate in Year 11 and the Senior Certificate in Year 12. Because there are no specific qualification prerequisites for VCAL, we are pleased to offer VCAL at all three year levels, and at all three qualification levels.