Fee structure

St Patrick’s College Tuition Fees and Charges

In forming the budget every year we are mindful of balancing the need for quality staff, ongoing capital works, seeking out cost savings and offering as broad a curriculum as possible to ensure excellent learning opportunities and facilities for your son. As we come through the most challenging of years for our community, we have made every effort to contain tuition fee increases.

We trust that this helps maintain the affordability of an Edmund Rice education for our community, however, while we need the vast majority of families to pay the fees in full, we want to assure our families having difficulty in managing their school fee commitments that some level of confidential concession support is there for those in genuine need.

Families are encouraged to pay the tuition fees in full. Alternatively, a Payment Arrangement Plan needs to be entered into, with the account to be finalised by the 30th November 2022. Your first statement will be sent to you during the first week of February along with a payment arrangement form so you can accurately plan your payments over the year.  This form must be completed and returned to the Finance Office no later than 28th February, 2022.

Should you have any queries about any of these matters please do not hesitate to call in the Finance Office.

  • Departure Without Notice Fee

Parents are reminded that four weeks written notification of a student withdrawing during the College year is required.  If such notice is not received a “Departure without notice” payment of four weeks’ tuition fees will be charged to your fee account.

  • Retaining Fee

With the written approval of the Principal students may participate in a student exchange program and will be charged 25% of the annual tuition fee, as a retaining fee for the duration of their absence in order to retain their place at the College.

  • Discounts – Sibling

Family discounts apply where more than one child in a family is concurrently enrolled at St Patrick’s College Ballarat. There is an automatic student discount on tuition fees only, as follows:

1st student – no discount

2nd Student –18%

3rd Student – 50%

4th and subsequent students – 100%

  • Concessions

The College understands that families may experience financial hardship that leaves them unable, reasonably, because of illness, unemployment, or other genuine circumstances, to fulfil all the financial obligations of enrolment.  Where these circumstances arise please contact Mrs Maureen Ralton to arrange for a concession application form and an appointment with the Business Manager. Where appropriate your application will be considered confidentially with the College Finance Committee.

  • Scholarships

The College offers a number of scholarships of an academic, artistic, or sporting nature. Enquiry into the details of these opportunities and the eligibility of your son can be made by contacting the Director of Community Development Mr Roger Le Grand.

  • Health Care Card Holders

Parents who hold a valid Health Care Card are entitled to receive a credit of  $450 off their fee account made up as follows:

  • Camps Sports and Excursions funding (CSEF) payment: In 2016 the State Government introduced CSEF to assist eligible families cover the costs of camps, excursions, and sporting activities. The annual payment for a secondary school student is $225. To apply for CSEF please download an application from this link.
  • Health Care Card concession: Parents who have successfully qualified for the CSEF funding will automatically have this amount matched by a further $225 concession from the College.


The following two options for the payment of College fees are available:

  • Payment in full by 28th February 2022


  • A Payment Arrangement Plan

To assist families in managing their cash flow across the year a ‘Payment Arrangement Plan’ form must be completed and returned to the Finance Office by 28th of February 2022.

All accounts must be paid in full by the 30th November 2022.

You may do this via:

    1. Per Week or Per fortnight payments                                      or
    2. Per Month payments Due by 25th day of each month,            or
    3. Per Term payments    – Due by 2nd week of each term.

Please note that arrangements that fall outside of the above options must be approved by the Business Manager by appointment only. Instalment plans may be arranged to suit family budgets. Business Manager’s Arrangements must be set up using the Direct Debit payment method.

Payment Facilities 2022

The preferred method of payment is via Direct Debit, however, other payment alternatives listed below can also be arranged to pay your account:

  • BPay
  • Cash / cheque
  • Credit Card
  • Salary Packaging