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St Patrick’s College Ballarat Tuition Fees and Charges: 2019

Tuition and Boarding Fees are charged annually and will appear on the first statement issued for the year in February.

Subsequent statements will be issued on a monthly basis showing payments received and any additional charges incurred.

Fees charged are full year fees and are payable regardless if your son sits exams.

The comprehensive tuition fee includes items such as most classroom teaching requirements, Years 7 to 12 Retreats and the Years 7 to 9 Camps.

Also included is 24-hour student accident insurance.

Excluded are items or services provided by the College for individual students (for example, newspapers, musical instrument hire, optional sportswear and special creative arts or technology supplies) that are charged for at various times during the year.

To assist families with cash flow, fees may be paid in full or via a payment arrangement plan with a range of payment options available. The College Finance Department will be able to assist you to make arrangements.

2019 Tuition and Boarding Fees

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  Full Time Boarding

  Weekly Boarding

   Year 7




 Year 8  $5,940



 Year 9  $6,360   $19,200


 Year 10  $6,360



 Year 11   $6,800



 Year 12  $6,800



Overseas Student Fee

Overseas students, in accordance with Commonwealth Government regulations, are charged an additional fee of $14,254 over and above all other fees. This fee represents the government grants applicable to Australian resident students and other administrative.

Capital Fee

A Capital fee of $865 per family will apply as has been the case in previous years. Funds raised from the capital fee are used for the development of facilities for all students at the College. As the capital fee is a compulsory levy no receipt for taxation purposes is available.

Building Fund Contribution

The College is currently in the process of reviewing the Building Master Plan with plans to ensure students are provided with state-of-the-art learning facilities. Building works as a result of master planning will be funded by a combination of borrowing, family contributions, donations and government grants. Families wishing to assist the College may make a voluntary donation to the Building Fund and a receipt for taxation purposes will be forwarded.

Shamrock Association Fee (Boarding)

A Capital levy of $500 will apply for each boarding student. As the fee is a compulsory charge no receipt for taxation purposes is available. Funds used from the Shamrock Association Fee will be used for the development of boarding facilities at the College.

Resources Subscription Fee

Resources are again being used in in Years 7 – 10. The following amount will appear as a separate amount on your first fee statement.

  • Year 7-8: $260
  • Year 9-10: $180

Year 10 and 11 Laptop Device

An annual laptop fee will be added to the fee statement for Year 10 and 11 students for the 1:1 laptop device which has been previously communicated to families.

VET Charges

Parents of students who elect to participate in any external Ballarat Schools Cluster VETiS course will be required to pay the difference between the course cost and the Catholic Education Funding for that particular course. This funding difference will appear as an external VET levy on your tuition statement.  Based on 2018 figures this cost difference could range between $750 and $2,000. At this stage the exact cost is not available. Parents of students who elect to participate in VET Engineering Studies or VET Building and Construction will also be required to pay an additional materials levy which will appear as ‘VET materials levy’ on your tuition statement.

Co-Curricular Charges

The tuition fee covers costs related to College tuition, administration, subject levies, camps, excursions and other incidentals. The tuition fee does not cover optional aspects of the College’s program or services provided for individuals such as music tuition, newspapers, boarder’s services, broken windows and extra-curricular activities. These expenses will be charged at various times through the year to the College account.

Departure Without Notice Fee

Parents are reminded that early notification of a student withdrawing during the College year is required.  If four weeks’ notice of withdrawal is not given a “Departure without Notice” payment of four weeks fees will be charged.

Retaining Fee

Parents of a student participating in a student exchange program will be charged 25% of the tuition fee, as a retaining fee for the duration of their absence in order to retain their place at the College.


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