Boarding Bulletin Board – November 29, 2018

November 28, 2018

-‘Boarding Bulletin Board (T4)’

Reflections from Staff around the Boarding Precinct

– – – – – – – – – – – -I have the privilege to write in the College’s annual publication a reflection on the year that

was in Boarding. In our final contribution to the College’s fortnightly -‘Crest’ I wanted to turn the spotlight onto our incredible Boarding team who each day work tirelessly to ensure your sons’ have the Boarding experience they deserve. A Boarding experience that provides lifelong memories and drives them towards their successes. So, I have asked our Boarding staff to reflect on their Boarding year (or six months for some!!) and pinpoint some highlights in a short reflection. I hope you enjoy.- Mike Silcock.

Jarryd Van Der Linde

Senior GAP Tutor from Durban, South Africa

The past year has really been an eventful year in the Boarding Community. It has seen the Grand Opening of the brand-new Boarding Precinct and dining room. It has been a massive leap forward with regards to Boarding at St Patrick’s College.

The year itself has been successful. I have enjoyed working with the Boarders and my time here will always be a cherished memory. The move from the old environment to the new Precinct was a massive step, but it was completed with ease. I think that the boys have enjoyed the year and there are big things that lie ahead in regards to the Boarding Community.

The Boarding Community have made a massive effort at Community Events like the -‘Walk off the War Within’, Remembrance Day and the Ballarat Run that happened just a couple of weeks back.

In conclusion, it has been a privilege to be a part of such a historical year at St Patrick’s College and it will remain a massive highlight of my life journey. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your sons’ lives.

Ollie Williamson

GAP Tutor from Leicester, England

I became a member of the St Patrick’s College Boarding Community in mid-July, and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout. Both the Boarding Staff and the Boarding Students were so welcoming to us when we arrived, making it much easier to settle in and get to know everyone properly.

Recently, I attended an undoubtedly historical event in the College’s history, which was the Grand Opening of the brand-new Boarding Precinct. The new Boarding Precinct has an extremely homely feel to it and creates a real sense of Community, which many of the boys see as their -‘home away from home’.

In my first term, I was fortunate enough to join some of the Year 11 boys on a snow camp, which allowed me to build positive relationships with many of them, as well as make memories that I will remember for a long time.

It has been extremely interesting for me, to get to know boys that have grown up in different cultures and backgrounds to myself, making my time here a very memorable experience.

I greatly look forward to my next six months after the forthcoming holidays.

Ruan Pretorius

GAP Tutor from Durban, South Africa

I started in July, which is a hard time to start as everyone was settled into their routines. In spite of this, the people around me have helped me a lot to adapt to it very quickly. I thank them for their kindness of spirit.

Throughout the first few weeks I realised how well the St Patrick’s Community worked together, which created an enjoyable working environment.

The first thing I want to mention is our rooms that we stay in – I could not have asked for a better room to spend my time here in Australia. It just reflects the attention to detail throughout the new Precinct, which all are so impressed with.

It was very easy to connect with the boys because they also made us feel very welcome and so I have been able to build positive relationships with them.

Towards the end of Term 3, I attended a day trip where we learnt about Indigenous culture, which was extremely interesting and a privilege to share with a number of our Indigenous Boarders.

Coming to the end of the College year I have really enjoyed the first five months here and am looking forward to the next six months of my journey.

Macky Steyn

Senior GAP Tutor from Johannesburg, South Africa

I arrived here at St Patrick’s College in July of this year, excited and nervous to start. – I first met the Boarding Staff who welcomed me with open arms and warm hearts.

In the first week, I was able to get to know all the boys; it was not easy to get to know all the boys at the start, but I can now recognise who they are, even just by their voices!

We are a close family here in Boarding, and with all our ups and downs it is important to support each other in everything we do, in academic, culture and sport.

Good food, great support, amazing friends and fun times guarantee I am having a great time in Boarding and look forward to my next six months to help ensure our Boarders continue to enjoy their Boarding experience.

Tam Westwood


WOW -“ what an amazing year it has been in St Patrick’s Boarding.

Having been a part of SPC Boarding for a number of years, the first highlight for me was definitely the construction of, and moving into the brand new Boarding Precinct. The faces on the Boarders when they first saw their new rooms, the common spaces and their showers is something I will never forget.

Experiencing the annual BAS Boat Race each year with the spectators, noise and supporters is great, however, this year was even more special with two Boarders as members of the First Crew which took out the Division 1 race -“ it was a proud moment, not just for the College, but for the Boarding Community as well.

I was also so impressed with the number of Boarders who volunteered their time throughout the year for a number of Community events, including Walk Off the War Within, Run for a Cause, ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. On top of this, Boarders also donated -Winter Woolies- to the St Vincent De Paul Drive and participated in the Boarders Run Australia event, led by the Australian Boarding Schools Association.

A number of our Boarders have experienced success, both individually and as part of teams throughout the year in sports including, Rugby, Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Basketball. It was also wonderful to celebrate success during the Music Tour in Sydney.

Seeing the final piece of the Boarding Precinct puzzle come to life in the opening of the kitchen and dining facilities was so exciting and was celebrated during the Grand Opening at the beginning of Term 3. Having the opportunity to show the wider Community our Boarding Precinct was a highlight for many.

Farewelling our Year 12 cohort is always a bitter sweet time in Boarding. It is difficult to say goodbye to Boarding Students who you spend so much time with, but knowing that they are going on to bigger and better things, achieving amazing feats personally and professionally is what makes the role of Boarding Housemaster so special. On top of all of the amazing achievements and success throughout the year, this is the final highlight of what is always, a wonderful year in St Patrick’s College Boarding.

Ryan Bullock


As I reflect on 2018 it is hard to sum up my experiences and time into just a few words. It only seems like a few weeks ago that I was busy settling into my new house ready and eager to meet the boys and begin my time in Boarding at St Patricks College. There have been many highlights this year but there is one overall achievement that certainly stands out for me, and that is our Community. We had the privilege this year to be the first people to work and live within our new Boarding Precinct. To create memories and experiences that will stay with all of us for the rest of our lives.

This facility certainly has brought out the best in everyone. The interactions between our seniors and juniors and our returning and new Boarders have brought us all together. Over the course of the year we have seen the boys interact around the pool table and table tennis, playing AFL and soccer on Jo Walter Field, playing Basketball in the Gymnasium, watching AFL in the theatre room, having a milo and chatting in the Dining Room and of course having a laugh around the dinner table. These simple yet daily activities have had an enormous impact and a positive experience on us all. I must also mention our Boarding family dinners, which have brought together our extended Community. These termly dinners have been a wonderful opportunity for Boarding families to meet each other and staff and create that strong network behind the scenes, which is integral to Boarding.

As I now look towards 2019 I have a feeling of excitement to not only welcome our returning Boarders back but to also welcome our new ones. Given the successes of this year I’m sure 2019 will only be better.