Junior School Report

February 7, 2020

By Director of the Junior School, Mr Gavin Webb

Welcome to the 2020 school year at St. Patrick’s College, especially to the new Year 7’s and new Year 8 students. No doubt the summer break was full of rest and great experiences with your loved ones, be it on a holiday or just spending quality time at home. It has been a very busy start to the new school year! Already in the first two weeks the members of the Junior School have experienced the following;

  • Day 1 College welcome assembly, where the Year 12’s escorted the Year 7’s into the gym and the House Shield winners from 2019 were presented, Mrs Ryan explained the new mobile phone rules and the College song was sung with gusto.
  • Year 7 Parent Information Night – thanks to all who came on the night, a particular thanks to the Pastoral Tutors who presented.
  • Year 7 Swim Trials. The results will assist the Head of Sport, Ms Tina Benoit, enter students into the correct heat for the SPC Swimming Carnival. This information is also useful prior to Year 7 Camp.
  • The Year 7 ICT Bootcamp, led by Mr Ian Fernee on Monday, February 3. In a College first, all Year 7 students will have a Laptop, very exciting for all. With this right though comes lots of responsibility.
  • House Assembly sign up for the SPC Swimming Carnival, to be held on Wednesday, February 19. The House Captains spoke and the boys then entered into events.
  • College photos, class and individual, on the front lawn.
  • Recess meetings for term 1 BAS after school sport.
  • Beginning new subjects and being introduced to new staff.

New staff

A big, warm welcome to the following staff who have joined SPC in 2020.

Noel Bamford – Maths/science

Mark Stahl – English/maths/RE/PE

Mike Kent – Technology

Allison Thomsitt – Art

Rachel Zuidland – Maths/science

It is always wonderful to see new faces at the College and we look forward to the expertise and knowledge they will pass onto the boys.

Key dates – Term 1

SPC is quite a busy place, especially in Term 1. It is vital that you and your son are aware of what is happening on a day to day basis, be it with homework or a major College event. A reminder that all permissions are done electronically via PAM (Parent Access Module) and to ring the College by 8:30am if your son is going to be absent on a particular day. Besides this the Pastoral Tutor is the first port of call. The table below highlights just some of the key dates in Term 1.

Tue, Feb 11 Academic Assembly (whole college)
Tue, Feb 11 – 14 Year 7 Camp – Log cabin Lodge, Creswick
Wed, Feb 19 SPC Swimming Carnival
Tue, Feb 25 House Assembly – Athletics carnival sign up
Wed, Feb 26 Ash Wednesday Liturgy
Tue, March 10 Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews
Tue, March 17 St. Patrick’s Day Mass
Tue, March 17 Year 8 Father/Son evening
Wed, March 18 SPC Athletics Carnival


Year 7 Camp – Log Cabin Lodge, Creswick

The time honoured Year 7 Camp at Log cabin Lodge, Creswick, will be held in Week 3 of Term 1. Our Year 7 Co-Ordinator’s Ms Margie Dodd and Jacinta Burge will be present for the week with the respective Pastoral Tutors.

  • 7A, B, C (M. Stahl, J. Reidy, J. Willis)
  •                  Tue Feb 11 – Wed Feb 12
  • 7D, E, F (J. Ryan, M. Kent, R. Leighton)
  •                  Wed Feb 12 – Thur Feb 13
  • 7G, H, I (A. Silcock, B. Earl, E. Desfosses)
  • Thur Feb 13 – Fri Feb 14

Please do not hesitate to contact the College if you have any queries.

Final word

Both Year 7 and 8 students have made a very positive start to the year. The boys have been punctual to class, the uniform has generally been well worn and they have brought the required belongings/materials to class. Relationships are being built on or beginning to form for those that have just met this year, this is crucial to your son’s success at school as well as being organised, communicating well and getting enough sleep.


Mr Gavin Webb

Director of Junior School