Senior School Report

November 28, 2019

by Hamish McCrum, Director of Senior School

The Year 12s celebrated their Valedictory Dinner last Friday. It is a great way to finish and good to celebrate when all the work that can be done has been done. The Gym undergoes a massive transformation with a huge contribution from a large number of people. In the end, we had a fine venue with 550 guests seated and a quality meal served thanks to the combined efforts of Peter Ford and Chartwells. There were many fine speeches, but none better than Dom Hanrahan’s. His family were a little nervous as he had refused to practise at home, but their lack of faith was unwarranted. Not only was he entertaining and funny, but very inspirational. He talked of his three boys, but most heartening was the growth of Aidan from “the world’s worst computer hacker” in Year 10, to College Captain in Year 12”. I might add, and exemplary student and leader. It is a lesson for teachers, students and parents, to never under estimate the capacity for growth and good in individuals. We have taken care with the structure of the night to allow time for parents and students to enjoy the conversation and company of friends whom they have journeyed with for up to 18 years. It is always a little sad when it finishes as we know while there will be reunions, it is the last time the Class of 2019 will gather with so many members present. The most impressive student moustache belonged to Jordan Muir, with a special mention to Matt Lloyd and Mason Coutts. We wish all our boys well with their diverse endeavours.

On Tuesday of this week, we held our Senior School Awards ceremony. Here we recognized the efforts and talents of our Year 10s and 11s. Congratulations to all award recipients, particularly Jack Sheehan and Nigel Koot, Dux of Year 10 and 11 respectively. Some Senior Sports awards may have been received by Year 12s and some Intermediate awards may have been received by Year 9s, and so will not appear here. Awards presented at special dinners were not re-presented at this time. The awards are shown in the following tables.


Given Surname Award
Jack Sheehan Year 10 Dux
Darcy Williams Year 10 Proxime Accessit
Nigel Koot Year 11 Dux
Finn Lappin Year 11 Proxime Accessit
Thomas Collins Ballarat Diocese Year 10 Student Bursary Award 2019
Darcy Williams 2019 Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Award
Hugh Ollerenshaw Australian Defence Force 2019 Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award
Ethan Councillor Health First St Patrick’s College Community Award 2019
Charlie Walters 2019 Wiltronics Pursuit of Excellence Award



Given Surname Year 10 Subject Duces
Samuel Carter Year 10 Religious Education
Patrick Cocks Year 10 Design and Technology (Wood)
Darby Frazer VET Building and Construction Certificate II Year 1
Connor Gaffney Year 10 Architectural Design

Year 10 Food Studies

Year 10 Visual Communication and Design

Harry Graham Year 10 Philisophy
Lewis Grigg Year 10 English Language
Alexander Guevara Year 10 Biology

Year 10 Psychology

Year 11 Visual Communication and Design

Spencer Jenks Year 10 Pre-General Mathematics
Jack Lawler VCE Unit 1 Business Management (joint dux)
Jackson Leech VCE Unit 1 Business Management (joint dux)
Fletcher Martin Year 10 Science and Society
Jess Murphy Year 10 Photography
Benjamin Nash Year 10 Literature
Hugh Ollerenshaw VET Applied Languages: Japanese Certificate II Year 2

Year 10 Physics

Year 11 English

Daunte Osman Year 10 Computing

Year 10 Media

Tyler Owins Year 10 Environmental Science
Alexander Pituch Year 10 English
Jayden Roberts Year 10 Pathways in Trade
Jack Sheehan Year 10 Chemistry

Year 10 Health

Year 10 History – Revolutions

Year 10 Programming

Bradley Singe Year 10 Music Performance
Jeremy Spedding Year 10 Systems Engineering
Kiowa Stranks Pathways in Hospitality
Edward Tobin VCE Unit 1 Business Management (joint dux)
Henry von Burg Year 10 History – 20th Century
Ethan Wastell Year 10 Studio Arts
Tyler Weickhardt Year 10 Hardware
Darcy Williams VCE Unit 1 and 2 Specialists Mathematics

Year 10 Pre-Methods Mathematics

Year 10 Physical Education


Given Surname Year 11 Subject Duces
Wil Armstrong VCE VET Building and Construction Certificate II Year 2 VCE VET Engineering Certificate II Year 1
Anakin Bawden Year 11 Computing
Duncan Brodie Year 11 Theatre Studies
Matthew Butterworth Year 11 Biology

Year 11 Psychology

Darcy Cosgriff Year 11 Media
Jonathan Debono Year 11 Food Studies

Year 11 Health and Human Development

Kento Dobell Year 11 Japanese
Kye Edwards Year 11 Product Design and Technology
Joseph Freeman Year 11 History – Empires at Work

Year 11 Literature

Alexander Kinsman Year 11 Outdoor and Environmental Studies
Nigel Koot Year 11 Chemistry

Year 11 Mathematical Methods

Year 11 Text and Tradition

Finn Lappin Year 11 English Language

Year 11 Physical Education

Jake Leahy Year 11 Physics
Jye Lockett Year 11 Religion and Society
Darcy Macklin Year 11 Legal Studies
Max Olver Year 11 Accounting

Year 11 Economics

Archie Pollard Year 11 Studio Arts
Patrick Rea Year 11 General Mathematics
Nicholas Reynolds Year 11 Industry and Enterprise
Mitchell Scobie VCE VET Engineering Certificate II Year 2
Charlie Walters Year 11 Systems Engineering


Given Surname VCAL Awards – Year 10 and 11
Ryan Aikman VCAL Employability Award – Intermediate
Carl Roberts VCAL Employability Award – Intermediate
Tyson Tipuamantamerri VCAL Employability Award – Foundation
Wilson Quayle VCAL Portfolio of the Year
Lachlan Van Der Linden VCAL Project of the Year
Liam Wright VCAL Project of the Year


Stephen Moneghetti Award for Outstanding athlete at BAS Carnival Blake Scott
Award for Golf Kacee Kirwan-Hamilton
Award for Croquet Rorey O’Kelly
Br B.J Davis Award for Commitment
to SPC Swimming
Liam Wright
Award for A Grade Badminton Marshall Gladman
Award for Squash Matthew Fillisch
Award for Cycling Alexander Kinsman
Award for Shooting Matthew Simpson
Award for 1st IV Tennis Max Olver
Racquetball – Intermediate Henry von Burg
Badminton – Intermediate Isaac Watts


Our Year 11s have finished the Head Start programme and have started their holidays. They will all have work to do and it is best to do this now rather than try to resume after Christmas. Students who return with all work done are well on the way to doing well in Year 12.

Year 11 and 12 students who want to access their Unit 3/4 results easily on Thursday December 12 need to register in advance at or by using the Results and ATAR app on their smartphone. Do this before December 11. You will need your VCAA student number (available by ringing student reception) and personal details.

Our Year 10s will have exams through until Friday December 6. We wish them well as they go through this process and develop their skills.

I wish all families a happy and safe Christmas and New Year. I look forward to working with you again in 2020.