Staffing Structure

The Principal

The Principal has the ultimate duty of care for each boy whilst he is enrolled as a boarder at the College.  This time includes travelling to and from the College on Exeat Weekends. Housemasters and other persons involved in boarding supervision share this responsibility.

Deputy Principal

Serious offences committed by boarders will be notified to the Deputy Principal, and where necessary, referred for disciplinary action by the Director of Boarding.

Director of Boarding

The Director of Boarding is responsible for the administration of the boarding community. He/she assists in the enrolment processes and is directly responsible to the Headmaster and to the parents for the overall Pastoral Care of all boarders. The Director liaises with teachers regarding the performance, behaviour and well-being of boarders as students within the College. He/she is responsible for the day-to-day arrangements and overall routine.
Under the Headmaster, he is responsible to the parents for the “Duty of Care” which is maintained within the community. The Director also advises the Headmaster on the creation and maintenance of Boarding Policies. He/she is responsible for the oversight of Exeats, Weekend Permissions, Dining Room Lists, security of boarding residences during school time and other administrative details. To him/her is delegated responsibility for the day to day running of the boarding community and the immediate care of the boarders. Parents should address requests for special leave etc to the Director of Boarding.


In charge of Kenny House is the senior housemaster and weekend housemaster. The senior house master is the one charged with the day to day care of boys in the House. Parents should direct their queries to her concerning their son’s welfare.  It is hoped that parents meet the Housemaster and the Director of Boarding at the commencement of each term when they bring their son/s to the College, and on other appropriate occasions.
All Residential Staff, particularly Housemasters, by their interest, concern and care for the boys, try to establish a friendly rapport which will have an uplifting and beneficial effect on the boys.  They try to know their boys well and be conscious of changes in patterns of behaviour. As boys are led through their various stages of development, Housemasters will encourage acceptance of responsibility, respect for self and others and the like as essential ingredients of mutual trust.

Gap tutors

Close liaison and discussion should take place between the Gap Tutor and the Housemaster to ensure consistency of standards and attitudes in the care of the students. Boys are to note that they are required to give the same respect, co-operation and courtesy to the Gap Tutor as they would give their Housemasters. The Gap Tutors provide valuable tuition to those boys in need of assistance.