1st XI Soccer report – May 27, 2015

May 27, 2015


GOALS Brayden Baker 3, Jake Selby, Jack Reinhardt, Ben Hutchins, Jack Gaffney, Josh De Voogel –

BEST Brayden Baker, Jake Selby, Dennis Heinke, Ben Hutchins, Marco Farrell

Jack Gaffney gave off a sideways ball to Jack Reinhardt and drew a good save on the near side. Trent Moodley was again busy and caused an error and resulting corner. Despite controlling the game it took 15 minutes for our first goal. Jake Selby who had been a driving force off the back left passed to Ben Hutchins for a quick receive back and after the long run still gathered and went left and right a couple of times to come point blank with the keeper for an easy aside in the end 1-0.

Jake made another strong attack running off from back right and was unfortunate to be halted inside the 18 yards and Trent also was playing with gusto up front, but the first half ended with less success than would have been hoped for, with Ben Hutchins strong drive streaking over the bar.

The second half began in much brighter form as Miles Baker teamed with Leighton Parkinson with quick passes ending with Jack Reinhardt running in and scoring from close in 2-0. Marco Farrell had been a target for the opposition in the first and he was relishing the move to our back right. Miles delivered from defence to Marco and his sprint and accurate shot from deep up front into the box put pressure on the keeper and Ben Hutchins tapped it in 3-0. Their keeper caused a turnover with a short pass from the 18 yard box and Josh De Voogel looked so dangerous he was grabbed on the jumper to stop his progress.-

At times the lack of talk around the ground was noticeable at both ends when Billy Munter put an innocuous attack out over the line and Leighton took a pot shot with much more time available to sight up. The defence was well on top though and Dennis Heinke played with great confidence around a player up the line and headed clearly and followed up the ball to dent any dangers.

Brayden Baker had – a purple patch with three goals achieved under different circumstances. Running forward from the centre he put himself forward and Josh De Voogel chipped the defence delightfully to Brayden who had no trouble 4-0. Billy Munter delivered a wonderfully directed long ball straight onto Jack Gaffney’s boot and he ran strongly through their defence for his goal 5-0. A repeat of crisp inside passing from Trent onto Josh led to Brayden’s second goal 6-0. Finally, Brayden managed a run from deep in defence and ended up on the end of a pass in our forward line for his third goal 7-0.

In the final run to the end, Josh De Voogel narrowly missed after receiving from Ben Hutchins but when Jake Selby teaming with Jack Gaffney set him up, he scored in the dying moments.-