Middle School Report

February 17, 2022

by Mr Michael Busscher,  Director of the Middle School 

Year 9 Queenscliff/Anglesea Camps

In Week 6 of Term 1 the Year 9 students will attend the first of their experiential experiences.

By now you will have received their information letter and permission form via PAM. This needs to be attended to with permission granted and the medical profile updated otherwise your son cannot attend the camp.

The three-day – two-night camp will see the students involved in a variety of outdoor activities: snorkelling, canoeing, surfing, hiking, camping, beach fitness and team building initiatives.

They will operate in four groups, rotating through the activities and will be accompanied by a St Patrick’s College staff member as well as the YMCA or Anglesea Valley Lodge staff.

During the evenings the boys will spend time further exploring The Rite Journey Program.

The camp dates are as follows:

Camp 1 (Queenscliff)

Monday, March 7 to Wednesday, March 9 = 9D, 9F & 9I

Camp 2 (Anglesea)

Monday, March 7 to Wednesday, March 9 = 9A & 9H

Camp 3 (Queenscliff)

Wednesday, March 9 to Friday, March 11 = 9C & 9G

Camp 4 (Anglesea)

Wednesday, March 9 to Friday, March 11 = 9B & 9E

Please contact your son’s Pastoral Care Teacher, Shane Hayes, Sam Cue or I, if you have any further questions around the camp.

Community Service Placements will begin in Week 5

We have had a tremendous level of support from our parents considering this very different initiative and the boys are gearing up to really get involved. At this point in time, all our boys have completed their internal Community Service Induction, they are in the process of been allocated to their specific placement location and they will soon be issued with their individualized Passport and Reflection Journal. I ask that the Community Service Student/Parent contract, located within the Passport and Reflection Journal be signed prior to your son attending his Community Service placement. Please be aware that our first group of students will now begin their out of school placements on Tuesday, March 1 and our second group of students will begin on Wednesday, March 23. I have asked all our boys to arrive at their Community Service placement by 1.45pm or as close to that time as possible.  Understandably, transportation issues can cause delays, but I would expect NO Student to be any later than 2pm to start their Community Service Placement.

The Passport and Reflective Journal will be required to be carried by our students whenever they are on Community Service. This will contain all their personal contact details should a situation arise that this information be required whilst out of the College. The Reflection Journal element is a wonderful way to discuss with your son how their Community Service has gone each time that they have attended it. I remind you also that one of our teaching staff will also call in each week to check up on the boys.

Mr Michael Busscher

Director of Middle School