Senior School Report

June 5, 2020

by Director of the Senior School, Mr Hamish McCrum

On Tuesday we look forward to the return of the rest of our Year 10 students,  and I am sure they will be looking forward to seeing their classmates again and working in a more effective way with their teachers.  I commend the boys for the work they have done in this time.  The extra two weeks that they have been away has been significant emotionally for many of them.  As eager as they are to see their friends again, they will need to be reminded of the importance of good hygiene and distancing when possible.  Hopefully the number of infections will remain low for the sake of all in our community, and for the sake of not having to return to remote learning.

The adjusted finishing date for students is now Thursday June 25 (not Friday June 19 as was initially planned).

Our Year 11’s and 12’s all have a significant number of assessments over the next few weeks. They were emailed a PowerPoint of an earlier presentation reminding them of the correct rules and processes for SACs.

The following dot points capture some of the elements of the PowerPoint.

  • If you are absent due to illness from a Unit 3/4 (Year 12)  SAC, a medical certificate is required. (A note from parents is sufficient if it is a Unit 1/2 SAC)
  • If you are going to be absent from a Unit 3/4 SAC for a school approved absence, notify your teacher and Mr Biggin (VCE Coordinator) beforehand
  • If you are absent from a SAC, catch up at the first available opportunity (usually in that week).
    • If you adhere to the above three dot points, there will not be a penalty to your marks
  • If you are absent without a medical certificate or are tardy in catching up, you may be penalized 10% per day (20% for an extra weekend) so you are best to turn up, get it done, and promise yourself you will be more organized next time.
  • If you are ill the day a SAT (folio/project) is due, you still need to arrange to have it submitted on that day or penalties will apply.
  • Being caught in possession of a mobile phone or other non-authorized electronic device in a SAC will incur penalties to marks, even if it cannot be shown you were using the phone/device. So leave it in your locker.
  • If the teacher asks for phones at the commencement of the SAC and they are surrendered promptly, there will not be penalties to marks and the phones will be returned to the student at the end of the SAC with no disciplinary action taken. (The end of year examinations are more strict than this).
  • If you cheat or enable another student to cheat, you will face a Breach of Rules panel and penalties to S/N and/or your marks could apply.

The full PowerPoint may be found by following this link.

2020 VCE Rules & Understandng Your ATAR