Table Tennis Report – September 10, 2015

September 9, 2015

Table Tennis

SPC entered ten teams across four grades for the 2015 BAS table tennis season. There was strong interest from the Middle and Junior School.

The A Grade team, made up of four Year Eight players, were very competitive but unfortunately due to school camp and some illness they were not able to play enough games to make it to the finals.

The four B grade teams, with players from Year Seven to Year Nine, played energetically each week and developed their skills along the way.

Year Seven and Eight students made up the four C Grade teams. The C White team of Finn Lappin, Josh Pegg, Jamie Quick, Will Rothe and Harry Venner, all Year Seven students, led the competition all the way through the season and were declared premiers on the final night of competition.

The two D Grade teams learned a lot about table tennis over the season and counted their successes in games won rather than their position on the ladder.

The competition was once again conducted at the Ballarat Table Tennis Centre in Dowling Street and would not be possible without the support of the two gentlemen volunteers from the Ballarat Table Tennis Association. We thank them for their g

Table tennis awards

A Grade -“ Marcus Tilley – 8C

B Grade -“ Riley Williams -“ 8A

C Grade -“ Will Rothe -“ 7A

D Grade -“ Oakley Haddon -“ 7J

uidance and direction each week.