OCA-affiliated sporting clubs

The St Patrick’s College Old Collegians Association maintains strong ties with two affiliated senior sporting clubs.

In 2015 the SPC-OCA is a major financial sponsor and supporter of both the St Patrick’s College Old Collegians Ballarat Rugby Union Club and the North Old Boys-St Patrick’s College Amateur Football Club in the Victorian Amateur Football Association.

It is the belief of the SPC-OCA that supporting these clubs provides crucial pathways for Old Collegians wishing to retain strong links with the College in their chosen sport.

We believe these clubs provide pivotal social networks for Old Collegians.

Particularly in the case of the NOB-SPC FC, which is based in Brunswick, the SPC-OCA believes that the club not only offers Old Collegians in Melbourne the opportunity to play under the SPC brand, but it also offers them support networks and can help find employment and accommodation for Old Boys.

The rugby club predominantly wears the famous colours of the Green, White and Blue while the football club has, in the past two years, acquired a set of replica 1st XVIII football jumpers which they wear at certain games in the season.