2016 Ireland tour

2016  Tour of Ireland and the UK

 The St Patricks’ College’s Football program is again planning to offer an opportunity for students to tour Ireland in the Term 1 holidays in 2016.

This tour follows successful trips to Ireland (2007, 2010 and 2013), Darwin (2008, 2011 and 2014) and Melbourne (2006, 2009 2012 and 2015) and aims to visit a number of Edmund Rice sites and play a series of International Rules games – the hybrid game incorporating Gaelic and Australian Rules skills and rules.

The tour would be open to students from Year 10 to 12, 2016 and is offered in line with the Football Programme’s Strategic Plan (2012-2015) in providing participants with educational opportunities both on and off the field. Members of the Australian Rules Football program are invited to apply. This tour is offered in line with the College’s Overseas Trips Policy .

Objectives of Tour

The tour would have the following educational objectives:

1.    To heighten understandings of the heritage of the College, specifically the history and traditions of the world wide Edmund Rice network of schools.
2.    In doing so to increase boys’ awareness that they are part of a world-wide network of secondary schools, with the shared charism of Catholic education in the tradition of Blessed Edmund Rice.
3.    To provide participants with an invaluable learning experience. Those travelling would spend some time playing International Rules but would also take in the sights of Ireland, in particular some of the places integral to the history of St Patrick’s College and the story of Blessed Edmund Rice.
4.    To develop further ongoing relationships with schools in Ireland in the Edmund Rice tradition and to explore the possibility of reciprocal visits for sporting, social justice, academic and cultural events.
5.    To provide home stay accommodation with student peers from the Irish network of schools.
6.    To provide an extension activity for players in the SPC Football programme and work on physical conditioning, skill development and team building opportunities prior to the season.
7.    To provide an extension activity for student leaders among the College to assist in the development of a strong leadership culture within the College.
8.    To enhance the profile and status of the programme by providing a significant point of difference from other school football programmes thereby assisting in attracting players, coaches, volunteer medical and administration staff and umpires to the College’s football programme in the current and subsequent seasons.
9.    To enhance further the profile of International Rules as a valuable physical activity in its own right and an integral part of the College’s Physical Education and Sporting Programmes.
10.    To provide an inclusive educational experience through the joint efforts of tour support group members. Funds from football programme fundraising efforts will be utilised to support students in line with the College’s guidelines on Student Bursaries for financially disadvantaged students.
11.    To develop further the College’s football and sporting programmes through exposure to best practice models of sports management. The tour would take in visits to iconic sporting venues and organisations including Chelsea FC, Wimbledon, and Lords.
12.    To provide opportunities for personal development through use of reflective learning practices and the requirement of all students to complete a detailed trip report and presentation to parents and other tour supporters following the group’s return to Ballarat.

Tour updates

* A copy of the Powerpoint presentation presented at the second information night on Thursday, November 12 can be found at this link .

* A copy of of the Powerpoint presentation presented at the information night on Thursday, July 16 can be found at this link  

* Full selection criteria for the tour can be found here