It is often said that rowing is the ultimate team sport. The success of the crew rests with each crew member and the coxswain. Rowing can bring together people of entirely different outlooks and personalities and mould them into a disciplined, focussed and cohesive unit who will enjoy the highs and lows of pursuing the technical vagaries and physical challenges of the sport. In line with the vision of the College, the St Patrick’s Rowing Club aims to raise fine young men to the status of fine accomplished oarsmen.

Rowing is a sport that demands a commitment of time and energy more so than most other sports due to its aerobic and technical requirements. We ask a lot of our boys in this regard and this also ultimately impacts on parents. For those parents new to the sport you will come to understand the commitment that is required and the disciplines that each boy learns to cope with. We are very mindful of all the activities that our boys are involved in from the academic to sport and personal perspectives. Our training is designed around balancing all these commitments. In my experience as an athlete and a coach, rowing teaches you disciplines and provides experiences which equip you to face the ever increasing career and personal challenges of life after school.


The program endeavours to provide students, their families and the College community with an opportunity to participate in rowing. The rowing program is committed to junior participation and development, whilst maintaining a successful representation at both local and national levels.

The St Patrick’s College Rowing program is committed to further developing the sport of rowing within the College and the wider community. The program will endeavour to have representation at all three levels of rowing in Australia, including Ballarat Associated Schools, Victorian Rowing and Australian Rowing.


The College community is built on the pillars Faith, Tradition, Excellence and Relationships. In line with the College values the Rowing club also espouses the following values.

  •  Commitment – to personal excellence.
  • Respect – for self, others, our equipment, the boathouse and the environment.
  • Responsibility – for ourselves and our living traditions.
  • Honesty – with teammates and coaches.

Year 9 Rowing

In Term 3 all boys who are interested in rowing are invited to nominate for and attend a 4 week “Introduction to Rowing” program. In this programme the boys become are given an overview of the structure of the rowing programme at the College and the commitment required from a time and physical perspective. This is followed by an exposure to the technical requirements through an on-water experience (weather permitting) and concludes with a short test on the rowing Ergometer. Once they have committed to joining the program, they are allocated to crews that commence formal training in Term 4. On moving into Year 9 in Term 1 these crews race in divisions the number of which is determined by how many boys joined the rowing program. These crews race in events over 1000m at BAS regattas and the Head of the Lake.

As a number of our Year 8 boys tend to be on the “lighter” side, these boys are ready made for the role of coxswain. Some boys enjoy the role and continue on as coxswains as they move from year to year. Those that “outgrow” the role of coxswain find the move to becoming a rower a natural progression due to the experience they have gained as a coxswain.
Year 10 Rowing.

Current Year 9 rowers commence training in Term 3. Training in Term 4 comprises on and off water sessions as well as technical and physiological testing to establish crew combinations. These crews then race at BAS time trials and regattas as well as Rowing Victoria regattas where suitable events are scheduled. The season concludes with the Head of the Lake.

Senior Rowing.

Senior crews consist of Year 11 and 12 boys. Current Year 10 and 11 boys commence training in Term 3. Training in Term 4 comprises on and off water sessions as well as technical and physiological testing to establish crew combinations. These crews then race at BAS time trials and regattas as well as Rowing Victoria regattas and the Head of the Lake. Following the Head of the Lake there is an opportunity for Senior rowers to compete at the National Rowing Championships. This will be dependent upon performances and standards through the season.

Rowing Camps.

Camps for all year levels are held in December and January. They are designed to suit the short and long term requirements of each category. The December camps are held in the final 2 weeks of Term 4 and are conducted on Lake Wendouree. Camps in January camp are conducted at Sale for Senior and year 10 crews while the Year 9 camp is conducted on Lake Wendouree.

On-Water Training:

All on-water training sessions are conducted on Lake Wendouree and our training schedule requires flexibility. It will be determined by the availability of a coach for the crew firstly, then the ability of the rowers to attend that session. Adverse weather conditions that preclude on water training will be supplemented by cross training sessions in the boatshed or at the College.