130 Years

St Patrick's College celebrates 130 years

In 2023, St Patrick's College celebrated 130 years of education.

To mark this significant milestone, St Patrick's College Archivist Halina Sztynda conducted a series of interviews with members of our College community who have helped shape its unfolding history.

The resulting 18 video interviews and eight-minute showcase, produced by Old Collegian Kevin Cummins, offer personal reflections and insights into what it means to be a 'Paddy boy' and part of our vibrant community.

Our interviewees share stories of faith, tradition, compassion and community, which are now embedded into the rich history of St Patrick's College.

St Patrick's College Showcase

Old Collegian Steve Bracks

Board member Leonie Spencer

2023 College Captain Samuel Clark

Old Collegian Michael Kearney

Director of Football Howard Clark and Old Collegians Mitch and Nathan Brown

Old Collegian Allan McKinnon

College Principal Steven O'Connor

Old Collegian Steve Moneghetti

Current student Joshua Hayes

Old Collegians Nathan and Mitch Brown

Brother Bill Wilding

Old Collegian Greg Peele with Chris and Mary Nolan

2024 College Captain Noah Quick

Board member Angela Carey

School Advisory Council Chair Peter Wilson

Old Collegian Dennis Foley

Bishop Shane Mackinlay

Old Collegian Richard Reilly with Chris and Mary Nolan

Videos: Kevin Cummins, Modular Media