War Heroes

War History

St Patrick’s College has honoured the contributions of hundreds of Old Collegians to Australia’s war history with the launch of a new book and the induction of four new College Legends in 2015.

To mark the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing, the College spent 18 months researching the lives of nearly 300 Old Collegians who fought in World War I. These biographies were compiled into a commemorative book which was launched at the College’s annual Legends dinner on Saturday May 2, 2015.

St Patrick’s College Headmaster John Crowley said the book was published with the generous support of the Department of Veterans Affairs and of the St Patrick’s College Old Collegians Association and was a valuable addition to the proud history of the school.

“Through the great work of our archivist, Ms Catriona Banks, we have been able to unearth some incredible stories of bravery and sacrifice by our Old Collegians and we are delighted to be able to bring them together in one publication for the first time,” Mr Crowley said.

“We could think of no better way of honouring these brave men by launching this fine book 100 years after the commencement of World War I.”

Read the book below or at at this link

St Patrick’s College World War I veterans

Alexander Alphonsus Adair
Keith Allison
Clarence Ambrose
Reginald Archer
Garnet `George’ Emerson Archer
William Joseph Armstrong
Frederick Henry Baker
Leonard ‘Len’ George Baker
John Linton Bennington
Henry Campbell “Cam” Brady
Patrick Lawrence “Lal” Brady
Thomas Charles Herbert Britt
Isaac Reay Britt
Thomas Matthew Brown
Thomas John Buckley
William ‘Willie’ Harcourt Butler
Donald Campbell
J Cane
John Maurice (Jack) Cantwell
John ‘Jack’ Garbutt Carey
Laurence Francis Carmody
Thomas James Carmody
J Carney
William Carrick
J Carroll
Thomas Joseph Cashman
M Clark
John Terence Clarke
Leonard Charles Cockcroft
Ernest Austin Stanislaus Cody
Wilfred Jasper Coghlan
Kevin Joseph Coghlan
Thomas Dominic Colgan
John ‘Jack’ Connolly
Thomas Connolly
? Connor
John ‘Jack’ Patrick Conway
Michael Cronin
J Cronin
Gerald Francis Xavier Crotty
Arthur Aloysius Horton Crundall
Joseph Cudmore
James Vincent Cusack
Gerald Robert Rowland Cussen
W Dale
Edward Joseph Daly
Francis Patrick Darcy
Joseph Simon D’Arcy
William D’Arcy
Cecil Avelino De Fraga
Clifford Louis De Fraga
Andra Norman De Fraga
Michael Bernard Delahunty
Anthony Aloysius Devine
John Devlin
T Dixon
William Donohoe
Patrick Joseph Donovan
Edward Denis Doolan
Francis ‘Frank’ John Doolan
Wilfred Hendry Dowling
Henry Leo Dunkley
James Kennedy Dunne
Sylvester Ambrose Dunne
Louis Scott Ehrenberg
Samuel Morris Ehrenberg
Louis Vaughan Engelbrecht
Francis William Augustine Fay
Patrick John Fay
William Eric Featherstone
Cyril Boyd Fenton
Thomas Fernley
John James Fidler
Laurence Gerald Finn
John ‘Jack’ Patrick Finn
James Patrick Fleming
Thomas Henry Fleming
Andrew Christopher ‘Chris’ Fogarty
Joseph Patrick Fogarty
Thomas Gerald Fogarty
Charles William Fox
Reginald Thomas Franklin
James George Joseph Fraser

George Christian Fraser
Roy Alexander Fregon
Noel Gambetta
Alfred Garrett
Bernard Balfour Garrett
Bernard Edward Gibney
Frank William Giuliano
D Gleeson
P Gleeson
Richard Henry Gook
Charles Benedict Gorman
John Bernard Graham
Theodore Joseph Grano
Reginald George Grano
Charles Green
Thomas Green
Edward James Greening
Colin Gregson
Gerald Joseph Griffin
Vincent Michael Grogan
Leo St Clare Grondona
V Groves
T Haley
Ambrose Augustin Haley
John ‘Jack’ Martial Haley
Urban Aloysius Joseph Haley
William ‘Bill’ Francis Xavier Hanlon
Christopher Joseph Hanlon
Archie Cosway Harriman
T Hart
Jeremiah James Hayden
William Vincent Hayes
J J Hayes
J Hayes
Phillip Herbert Hayes
Ferdinand Benjamin Heinze
Bernard Thomas Heinze
Thomas ‘Tom’ Hennessy
James Hickey
Joseph Hickey
W Hickey
Arthur Daniel Hogan
Gerald George Hogan
Harold Bernard Holmes
William Hoskin
Peter Stanislav Hyland
J Keane
F Kelly
Leo Alphonsus Kennedy
Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy
Francis Kennedy
Thomas Russell Kennedy
J Keogh
William Keogh
David Tyrrell Keyes
John Patrick King
Norman Vivian Gladstone Kerby
L Lamb
John Vernon Larkins
William ‘Bill’ Leo Larkins
Charles Bennett Lefebvre
Reginald Noel Lefebvre
D Le Grand
Nicholas Lenaghan
Alfred Lennon
C Lennon
Thomas Leydon
David Little
Gerald Thompson Little
Leo Paul Little
William James Macavoy Locke
John ‘Jack’ Long
Herbert ‘Bert’ Arthur Lyons
James Edward Lyons
Roy Leslie Lyons
Arthur Magill
P Magill
B Mahill
E Mahill
J Mahon
Daniel James Mahony
Patrick James Mahoney
J P Maloney
Francis De Courcy Mann
Godfrey George Manning
Farnell George & James Wilfred Mardling
Norman Henry Mason
D McCallum
William McCarthy
Mortimer Eugene McCarthy
Matthew Stephen John McCormick
E McDermott
John Ambrose McGinness
James Patrick McGinness
Paul Joseph McGinness
James Joseph McGrady
Francis McGrath
P McGuigan
Donald McKenzie
John E McKenzie
Walter Murray McKenzie
John J McMahon
Thomas Bernard McManamny
Thomas Frederick McNamara
C Miller
George Miller
Joseph Tregellis Moore
Thomas Joseph Moran
James Dodds Morey
Edward Sydney Morey
Thomas Morrissey
Frederick Charles Mundeleine
Phillip Stanton Murphy
Robert Joseph Murphy
Edward Wilson Nally
Andre Narik
Herbert Charles Neal
John Basil James Nehill
Edmund ‘Ted’ Joseph Nehill
Joseph Leo Nelms
Thomas Henry Nevins
John Lindsay Neylon
Athol Miller Nicholas
Bryon Fitzgerald Nicholas
George Matson Nicholas
W Nicholas
Patrick Leo Nihill
John Noble
Thomas James Noonan
William Patrick O’Brien
James O’Brien
John ‘Jack’ Thomas O’Callaghan
D O’Connor
J O’Connor
Louis Kevin Vincent O’Doherty
J O’Donnell
Francis O’Dwyer
F O’Farrell
J O’Keefe
James Reginald ‘Reg’ O’Neil
John O’Neill
Reginald ‘Reg’ Joseph O’Sullivan
F O’Sullivan
R Parkin
A Pasco
R Pasco
Charles John Pawson
Edmund Goulburn Pawson
Allan Payne
Austin Nagle Podger
Edward Percy Prendergast
Theophilus Hunn Proctor
Joseph Quinlan
Timothy Eucharia Reen
John Patrick Charles Reidy
Rudolph Farnol Reynolds
Charles Edward Rice
J Rice
Alan Serafino Righetti
Hubert Victor Rizzo
J Robinson
Thomas ‘Tom’ Robinson
Frank Gubbins Roche
James Ignatius Rowan
John Francis ‘Frank’ Rowan
Charles Edward ‘Eddie’ Rudolph
Matthew Francis Ryan
William Ryan
Myles Ryan
Cyril Roy Samers
Benjamin Joseph Scarfe
Gerald or Jeremiah ‘Jerry’ Francis Scarfe
Victor Clarence Secombe
Harrie Stephen Seward
Joseph Thomas ‘Tom’ Lawrence Seward
Stephen ‘Steenie’ Aloysius Seward
Francis Cunningham Shapira
Oswald James Shaw
Francis Joseph Sheahan
Michael ‘Mick’ Bryan Philip Sheahan
Patrick James Shelton
Wilfred Sheridan
Leo Vincent D’Arcy Slattery
Romley ‘Rom’ Rutherford Smith
Thomas ‘Tom’ Sydenham Smyth
Sydney Llewelyn Smyth
Archibald Roy Spencer
James Allan Stanton
L Steele
William Hamlet Steele
James Archibald Francis Stodart
John Harold Stodart
Leslie Henry Storry
Horace Paul Sullivan
Neil John Sweeney
H Sweeney
Frederick Charles Sweeney
William ‘Bill’ Tehan
George Henry Trekardo
George Devine Treloar
John ‘Jack’ Vincent Tunbridge
Victor George Uphill
D Walsh
George Joseph Warner
Reay ‘Ray’ Henry Aloysius Warner
Edmund Westbrook
Augustine ‘Gus’ Leo Williams
Raymond Leo Woodhouse
Lawrence James Woodruff