St Patrick’s College offers boys a broad range of subject choices that will equip them to confront the challenges of a rapidly changing world. The College has a strongly developed teaching and learning culture that challenges students to achieve their personal best, whether it be in VCE examinations, the construction of an ornate table in Technology or through mastering a musical instrument.

The College seeks to provide each boy with an holistic education, grounded in Gospel values that will sow the seeds for life-long learning and prepare each student for the exciting challenges that await them beyond the gates of the College. Whilst academic results are important the raising of fine boys to the status of great men is integral to a St Patrick’s College education. Great men are flexible, resilient, happy and well-adjusted socially and emotionally; they treat females with respect and dignity and care for the marginalised and the down trodden.

St Patrick’s College is committed to educating each boy in partnership with his family while providing curriculum experiences that will encourage boys to develop real life skills and, in the spirit of Blessed Edmund Rice, to be mindful of the needs of others in our community.

The College acknowledges the special needs of boys and provides opportunities for each student to become an independent and active learner through rich and innovative curriculum, a curriculum that awakens and stimulates the intelligence.

St Patrick’s College works with boys and their families to maintain and enhance enthusiasm for learning through the use of engaging curriculum delivered by highly skilled, caring and supportive teachers with learning structures that embrace new technologies and teaching methodologies to maximise individual development.

Each subject stimulates boys to pursue a world of diverse learning opportunities, both within the College grounds and at locations locally, regionally and overseas. In recent years our students have represented the College by invitation in the Centenary of Public Education in Victoria and the International Youth Science Fair in London, had study tours of Japan and France, travelled on exchange across the world, and even walked the renowned ‘Kokoda Trail’.

The College has three distinct schools: Junior, Middle and Senior, enhancing student learning and encouraging continual pursuit of excellence. The Senior School structure (Years 10-12) permits students to study at the level that best reflects their current stage of learning, allowing for vertical subject selection in a wide range of areas including Vocational Education and Training electives.

The Middle School programme picks up the key tenets of the journey from boyhood to manhood. The ‘Stepping Stones’ programme engages the senses, acknowledges the challenges inherent in the adolescent years and provides an ideal platform to support boys in making the transition to senior school. The highly acclaimed programme is relational, practical and provides students with innovative curriculum experiences compatible with the challenges of adolescence whilst fostering life-long learning skills – and it is lots of fun, taking boys on four outdoor or camp experiences for the year whilst also focussing on physical fitness and social and emotional wellbeing.

The Junior School programme is delivered within a caring and supportive environment that ensures all boys make a happy and productive transition to secondary education.

Above: An interactive 360 degree view inside the a Year 7 classroom at the College.