St Patrick’s College was founded in 1893 on the teachings of Blessed Edmund Rice who believed that all boys who desire it should have the opportunity to receive a first class education. Edmund’s work has been carried on over the generations by committed and gifted educators who have shaped the lives of young men and in the process produced leaders in all walks of life – great men, inspired by faith, optimistic about the journey ahead and ready to take on the world well equipped with an armoury of skills and experiences garnered from an holistic, engaging and joy filled education.



One of the College’s most celebrated educators, Brother W.T. O’Malley eloquently summed up the feelings that boys have for their school when he observed that boys take great pride in wearing ‘the famous colours of the famous school’. This spirit lives on today and is passed between generations of students at St Patrick’s College.

Tradition is not a millstone that holds boys back. Rather it is an ever-present challenge that encourages boys to make their own unique contribution to the evolving history of St Patrick’s College, a proud tradition that exhorts boys to achieve personal excellence in a comprehensive range of curricular and co-curricular programmes. Each semester the College community gather at a moving and poignant assembly to award Chris Nolan Awards to academic high achievers.

Chris Nolan graduated from St Patrick’s College in 1985 as College Captain, completed his Law Degree at Monash University and went on to practice law in Vietnam. Chris was highly respected by all for his commitment and enthusiasm to all aspects of College life and demonstrated his intelligence and ingenuity shortly after leaving St Patrick’s through being one of the co-founders of the highly acclaimed Meredith Music Festival. After several years in Vietnam, Chris tragically acquired severe brain injuries from a viral infection leading to total organ failure. Chris is profoundly disabled physically and in his communication systems. He has continued to fight against these disabilities and has developed various means of communication and is now the face of the people in developing awareness of and the fight for young people requiring care in nursing homes. 

In his very special way Chris embodies the traditions of the College. His appearance at assembly is celebrated and his ongoing contribution to the story of the College is honoured and celebrated. He is one of our finest men and an inspiration to all boys who commit to the challenge of attaining personal excellence.


Specialists in the educations of boys since 1893

St Patrick’s College is proudly a school for boys. It is central to our being, part of our DNA and provides boys with an education that is engaging, connected and challenging. In a boys’ education environment young men can take risks, display leadership and develop friendships that will last a life time. Whilst it is important that all  students find a school that best suits their individual needs, the single sex environment encourages boys to display leadership, focus on their studies and contribute fully to the life of the College – ‘At SPC, if the boys don’t do it, it doesn’t happen’.

The adolescent years can be difficult and challenging for boys and their families. Staff at St Patrick’s College are specialists in the education of boys and recognise that boys have different learning needs and styles and have developed programmes and initiatives in line with world’s best practice for boys’ education that will maximise learning outcomes for boys. The academic performance of boys in Year 12 examinations and the ability of boys to access traineeships and apprenticeships highlights the depth and breadth of a St Patrick’s education and develops skills that will enable boys to excel in a rapidly changing world.

These learnings take place in a caring and supportive environment where boys develop spiritually, academically, physically, socially whilst being engaged and having fun – and lots of it! The social development of boys is facilitated by a range of co-curricular programmes with girls from Loreto College.

The College is a member of the International Coalition of Boys’ Schools and provides a range of subjects and co-curricular experiences specifically designed for boys. The camaraderie of a supportive and nurturing all boys school is something that will enable all boys to develop deep friendships that they can take with them and enjoy for life.

Above: An interactive 360 degree view inside the College’s Br W.T. O’Malley Sports Centre as it is set up for a full school assembly.