2022 Booklists

This year, the ordering process for the 2022 booklists will take place online via Campion Books (previously known as Ballarat Books).

You will be required to create an account with Campion Books. Once you have logged in, select the relevant resource list and complete your order online.

All orders will be completed online as Campion Books do not accept paper booklists.

You can collect your booklist purchase from the Campion Books’ Sebastopol depot or opt for home delivery for an additional charge.

You can order the 2022 St Patrick’s College booklist items here.

Should you have any issues or require assistance, please go here.

Below are PDFs of the booklist. These are for your reference only and are not required to be returned to the College. All booklist orders will be submitted online here.

2022 VCE Early English booklist 



Second-hand Textbook Trading

You may also make use of the Sustainable School Shop service to sell and obtain second-hand books.

You need to nominate the school when you register on the Sustainable School Shop website.


The school’s booklists are loaded into the system to make listing ads easy. The system matches the ads of buyers with sellers and notifies the buyer (Wanted ad) via email. Buyers contact sellers and arrange where and when to trade. Most trading will occur with other parents from the school.

The service provides access to second-hand textbooks, calculators, stationery, musical equipment, etc all year round. Parents can even trade with other parents from different schools and sell textbooks no longer in use at St Patrick’s.

All enquiries should be directed to the Sustainable School Shop on: 1300 683 337 or help is also available through ‘Contact Us’ on their website.

Click on the link to find out more information