Teaching and Learning

• We provide a holistic, challenging and engaging education that is accessible to all boys and will inspire them to be motivated and informed lifelong learners.

• We provide a curriculum that is challenging and relevant to the needs of each learner using appropriate technology and engaging methodologies informed by good pedagogy.

• We foster a personal responsibility for learning as a lifetime’s work.

• We have committed and highly skilled staff.

• We provide excellent resources and facilities which enhance learning and teaching.


One of the reasons a boarder would come to St Patrick’s is to enhance his opportunity to make best use of individual academic ability. Hence, it is important for a boy to understand that being in the boarding community challenges the person to make the most of their study opportunities.

The prescribed study times enable the boys to do their homework, study and reading in an atmosphere most conducive to the development of proper study habits. There are some rules for the conduct of the study session and boys should understand these guidelines are for the benefit of all.

There are other opportunities for boys to study outside of the prescribed times. The KRC is open between the hours of 8 am and 5:30 pm, so ample scope is given to those who wish to do extra. Those who miss a study session due to other commitments, i.e. sports training, will be expected to make up the time on a Wednesday afternoon.

Late study may sometimes be approved by the Housemaster for Year 12 and, on some occasions, Year 11 students. However, a close watch is kept so that the health of any boarder does not deteriorate through lack of sufficient sleep.

Absence from study

All Boarders are expected to attend Study Sessions. Those boys in teams authorised to train may be permitted to be absent, subject to confirmation from the correct authority. It is expected that time lost from study because of sport or other activities will be made up from a boarder’s free time. This will be conducted after school on a Wednesday afternoon.

Such engagements as Saturday Detentions from within the day-school do not release the boarder from the obligation to make up the lost study time. This should be done at some nominated time during the weekend.