The boarding community celebrates Mass each weekend. All boarders are expected to participate to their ability in the singing and playing of music at Mass. All are particularly encouraged to participate in aspects of the Mass when it is held in the College Chapel as organised by the Liturgy Coordinator.

Boys are encouraged to actively participate in the celebration of the central act of our Catholic worship. Parents and friends are always very welcome to join us for Mass, celebrated at 5pm on Sunday evening at St Patrick’s Cathedral in Ballarat. It might be wise to check the relevant time when about to visit.

The specific Catholic nature of the College enables the boarding community to be given opportunities of calling to mind the presence of God in their lives. Grace before meals is recited in common at the major meal of the day. The Chaplain to the College is available for the boarders.


A proper sense of decorum and reverence is to be expected of all.

Our non-Catholic boarders are to present for all activities and prayers held in the Chapel. However, Housemasters will instruct these gentlemen regarding Church regulations with respect to the receiving of Communion etc.

The matter of suitable dress for the official Mass for the week needs great sensitivity. In short, the boarders are encouraged to dress for this occasion as they would be expected to dress for a similar occasion at home.

The boarders may also attend the Liturgy at the Cathedral or other parish Churches. Full participation in the Liturgy will be encouraged through involvement in the singing and as coordinated by our Boarding Liturgy Coordinator.