Meals provided are both very adequate and of good quality. Dining room staff are assisted by boarders in the serving of meals and general cleaning of the dining room. Boys choose who they sit with for each meal. Each boy at a table takes his turn of serving the others at the table for the evening meal and each boarding house take its turn of assisting with the cleaning of the dining room after each meal and Recess.

A prayer is said before each evening meal.


A monthly menu that provides a varied and well balanced diet is prepared by a nutritionist and is published in each of the boarding houses. When planning the weekly menu consideration is given not only to the boys’ daily dietary requirements but also to their preferences and seasonal availability. A variety of foods from all the basic food groups is included and these are prepared in many different styles. We also try and include a few treats throughout the term.

Constructive feedback from the boys regarding the menu and each meal is actively encouraged and boys are always welcome to discuss new menu ideas with the catering staff. All catering staff actively pursue open lines of communication regarding the menu and the quality of the food and, while there may be some requests we are unable to include, wherever possible we try to accommodate their wishes.

The consumption of junk food before meals is considered to be unsatisfactory, and not in the best interests of boarders who require a balanced diet.


Boys are able to choose from a wide variety of cereals served with either full fat or reduced fat milk. They may also choose from white, wholegrain or multigrain toast with a variety of spreads. Orange juice is also supplied. Boys have unlimited access to all of the above.

A hot menu choice is served from the kitchen on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and while this is portion controlled by the chef, boys are always welcome to return for seconds when available.

Morning Tea

Cold water and hot drinks are served at morning tea along with the menu choice for the day, with the majority of these items freshly prepared on the premises. Fruit is always available at this time.


A variety of hot and cold lunches are offered at lunch time. Pasta and rice is usually available for those boys who wish to boost their carbohydrate intake due to heavy sporting commitments.

On the weekends we provide a large selection of sandwich fillings and the boys prepare their own sandwich.


A salad bar or vegetable option is complementary to the main course each night and boys may choose to add sauce or gravy to their meal depending on their personal tastes and nutritional requirements.

Dessert is served on Monday and Wednesday nights and fresh fruit is always available.

As with every meal service, boys are always welcome to return for seconds when available.

Boys are expected to eat what is served to them, including the normal range of vegetables. Socially acceptable table manners are expected including the proper use of knives, forks and spoons. Excessive noise and unnecessary movement about the dining room is discouraged. The meal is to be eaten seated. No shouting, running or throwing is allowed. Supervisors may send boys from the dining room for breaches of proper behaviour. Students are not to enter or leave the dining room through kitchen doors.

Additional food options

The College Canteen is open each school day at Recess and Lunchtime.